Admin - Creating a project

  • A new project is created and pages are uploaded.

    This process takes a relatively short amount of time if you remember to enter 1-8 rather than just 8, and ensure that the PDF file contains the same number of individual pages (not spreads) in the same order. The customer will then receive an automatic notification that the pages are ready for proofing.

  • The pages can also be uploaded directly from InDesign plug-in or Illustrator plug-in.
  1. Right-click the customer folder in Navigator and select "New Project".

  2. Enter the project name.
  3. Select how the project will be displayed (custom view).

    Note: Costum view is not available in FREE and BASIC WebProof versions. See more about FREE and BASIC setup here.

  4. For example, to display the back and then front page of a 16-page document, enter 16,1 on the cover. Then enter 2-15 (the contents) as the content and click "OK".

  5. Click the project. The appropriate number of empty thumbnails will be displayed. If you have the relevant file with all 16 pages, enter 1-16 in the toolbar and click the upload icon (green up arrow).

  6. Select Status Code, browse to the file and Upload.

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