Direct InDesign Corrections


This function is used to edit text in an InDesign document directly from WebProof.
The font styles from the InDesign document are used for the changed text.

Note: This feature is only available in the Platinum version.

  1. Choose "Enable InDesign Correction." 
  2. Double click on a blue textbox you wish to change. Any font styles used in the textbox brackets will be used for the edited text. Please be aware that brackets {} should be kept. If you add more text than the text frame can hold, the excess text will be added as a sticky note. 
  3. When you are done, choose "Render Correction" to see a temporary preview of your changes. 

  4. If you need to make more changes, click on "Show Preview" to go back to edit mode again. 
  5. If you are satisfied, choose "Save." The document will be processed by the server and the new changed version will be available in a few minutes. If you have made other kind of changes like Sticky Notes, they will be transfered to the new version.

    Note: While the InDesign document is being processed, the server has full rights and it is locked for other users in both WebProof and on your workshare.

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