Creating a Project Folder and projects

  • All projects are located under "Projects", divided in customer folders (or job-subfolders).

  • When creating a new customer/job folder, right-click either the folder in the level above or "Projects" at the top of the list and select "New Group... ".

  • Name the new folder according to the customer or job name and click "OK". The required folder structure is now created.



  • If all of a customer's users must be able to see all projects in the customer folder, there is no need to create additional project subfolders.

  • If different users for a customer should only have access to their own projects, it is necessary to place them in their own folder to which they are attached. The users are subsequently only able to see the contents of this folder and its subfolders.

  • Right-click the customer folder and select "New Project... ". If only one project will be created, give the folder the same name as the project. Click "OK".


  • Name the project.

  • Select the required template (page view/ custom view) by clicking the orange arrow icon beside "PAGES".

    ("Single Pages" can be used for both an even and odd number of pages. Other templates must have have an even number of pages).


  • Enter the number of pages.

    For example, if the project will contain 4 pages, enter "1-4" and not just 4.

    (The system must know how the pages in a project will be numbered/designated. If "5-8" had been entered instead, a project containing 4 pages would still have been created, but the system would number the first page "5" and the last "8").

  • Click "OK".


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