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Creating Customer Folders under "Users"

  • All users are located under "Settings", divided in customer folders.
  • When creating new customer groups (folders), right-click "Users" and select "New Group...".
  • Name the new folder according to the customer name and click "OK". The customer is created in the "Users" folder.

    Note: Creating new group folders in root folder is not available in FREE WebProof version. See more about FREE setup here.





Creating Users under "Users"

  • Right-click the customer folder in which the new user will be created. Select "New User... ".


  • Populate the fields in the displayed dialog.
    Note that "Username" and "Password" are case-sensitive and the password must be at least 5 characters. Note that duplicate usernames in WebProof are not permitted.
    It is important that the "E-mail" and "Mobile/SMS" fields are populated, in order to use the "Notifications" function. Country code must ALWAYS be populated.

  • Assign a role to the user and click "OK".






Attaching Users to a Project Folder

  • When created under "Settings/Users", the user can be attached to the required folder under "Projects".

  • It is not possible to attach a user to a project, only a folder.

  • When attached to a folder, the user will be able to see all projects and subfolders under it.

  • The requirement for a user to be attached to the main customer folder or only the appropriate project subfolder varies from user to user and customer to customer.


  1. Right-click the folder to which the user will be attached. Select "Permissions".

  2. The list of users created under "Settings/Users" is now displayed. Find the user or folder to attach. Right-click and select "Attach".
  • The user/folder is now attached to the project.
  • Click "OK".


  • A folder name in bold means that it is attached, which also means so are all users in the folder.

  • A folder name in normal type means that not all users in the folder are attached. When the folder is opened, the attached users appear in bold text.

  • A folder name in grey means that no users in the folder are attached.

  • A folder name in bold means check!.

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