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  • With the Shopping function the user/customer can add items to the shopping basket. The shopping basket can be forwarded to email or printed directly as a list. The customer can also shop the items via PayPal, making payment with PayPal or different credit cards if the PayPal account is set up with them and the account email is added to PayPal Settings.

  1. Choose styles "default" or "blink".
  2. Add a mouse over hint. When writing a "Default Hint" it will automaticly be added to all new hints.
  3. Add one or more fixed basket email receivers. When the shopping list is being sent the fixed basket receivers will always receive the shopping list as email.
  4. Add extra fields to the form. Check "Required" to make the fields mandatory.
  5. Add a title for the item.
  6. Add a price and currency for the item. Note that only one currency can be choosen for the same publication. When unchecked the prices will be removed from the shopping list items in the publication.
  7. Add a item description. This text will show on the print list and mail list.

  8. Print your basket as a shopping list.
  9. Mail your basket as a shopping list.
  10. Shop the items and pay with PayPal, including different credit cards. When the shopping icon is clicked the customer will be linked to the PayPal home page to log in or create a account and be invoiced. The company's PayPal account email will appear in  the top left corner.

    Example of how the default shopping list looks like. Example of how the shopping list with all extra fields looks like.

    Example of how the PayPal site looks like after the shop button (8) has been clicked.

    Example of how the above changes look in mail when the basket is received.
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