These options determines when a file is moved to fail and how often WebFlow will retry an action that has failed.

  • Minimum retries
    WebFlow will retry an action at least this number of times. An example of an action that fails is "Move to folder" set to overwrite existing file, if WebFlow can't delete existing file (typically because it is open in another program) the action fails but will be retried later.
  • Maximum time between retries
    Time before WebFlow retries an action in minutes.
  • Minimum time before fail
    The minimum time from an action has failed to the corresponding file is moved to fail folder.

Default fail folder
When you associate a filename template with a folder is uses this folder as the fail folder.


You can change the fail folder for a filename template associated with a folder by right clicking on the filename template and selecting "select fail folder".


Disc wait time
Some older NT servers (NT4) can loose files if move operation is performed simultaneous with other disc operations. Time is in milliseconds.

Only change this if files disappeaers from source folder but does not appear in WebFlow.


Clean Up
Affects all fail folders, see Folder Clean Up

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