WebFlow can save a copy off all system files to a backup folder. With these files you can install WebFlow on another computer but use all the settings from your existing WebFlow.

Backed up files are: WebFlow.xml, and all files in WebFlow subfolder "DB Files" (so any information about files read from mirror folders and stored data can be restored).

Copy files waiting for statuscode
WebFlow can save a copy of all files waiting for a statuscode. Thus if you cannot access the temporary files stored locally all files waiting for a statuscode can be restored from the backup, all other files (in the active files monitor window) are lost.

Check files waiting for statuscode

Checks that WebFlow can find files waiting for statucode physically in temporary folder. If Copy files waiting for statuscode is enabled it is also checked that files are physically in backup folder

Restoring from backup

  1. Install WebFlow on new machine 
  2. Copy WebFlow.xml and the folder "DB Files" from backup to the folder where WebFlow.exe has been installed 
  3. Copy all folders in the folder called files on backup to WebFlow temporary folder
    Folders must be moved the the exact correct folder - you can start your WebFlow at this point to see what the temporary folder is. 
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