Move Folders

By using search and replace you can change folders. This does not actually move the folders physically only the path is updated in WebFlow.

If new folders do not exist you will be prompted to have WebFlow create the folders when you press connect.

Eg. If you want to move all folder in P:\folders to C:\WebProof folders\Pflow

search : p:\folders\

replace: c:\WebProof folders\Pflow\

Show how folders will be afftected
In test window all folders that will be renamed when you click OK are shown.





Remote Folder

Folder Properties

A remote folder can either be FTP or a network path (a network drive or an UNC path).
A local folder is a folder a on local harddrive.

Busy Time (only FTP)
See WebProof FTP

TCP Window
Only affects upload on ftp folder.

The TCP window is the amount of outstanding (unacknowledged by the recipient) data a sender can send on a particular connection before it gets an acknowledgment back from the receiver that it has gotten some of it. You should only change this value if the line has very high latency (eg. satellite connection).6

If set to zero default value is used.

Check Change (only FTP)
To ensure that a file has been completely transfered WebFlow can wait (atleast) this time before the checking the file size on the FTP server after the file has been transfered - to ensure theat all the data has been transfered.

If this time is non-zero WebFlow never reads a file the first time it is seen on the server, instead WebFlow waits atleast one poll to read the file, so the file wont be downloaded untill it has had a constant size atleast 2 polls (or more if check change time is larger than remote folder poll interval).

You can enter a description of the folder here.

Test the folder with the information you have entered




Advanced Folder Settings

Replace Existing Files
This determines what to do if a new file appears that is similar to an existing file from this folder that is still in the system.

  • Process all files completely
    Use this option if all versions of a file should pass through the workflow. 
  • Replace files with identical filenames
    Existing file is discarded if a new file arrives in this folder with the exact same filename. 
  • Replace files that matches just project code and item code
    Existing file is discarded if a new file arrives in this folder with the exact same item code and project code. 

Move files with errors to Fail Folder
Determines if a file that fails immediately when it is first seen should be moved to fail folder or left in the folder.

A file might fail immediately because:

  • Item code or project code could not be extracted 
  • The file's project code does not match any existing projects 
  • An action associated with this folder is not valid (eg. because the action uses a status code that is not valid)

This option does not affect what happens to a file if an action fails (eg. if a file can't be written to a destination folder) - in this case a file is always moved to fail folder

All subfolders are also processed

Only scan folder structure when connecting
Only read the folder structure the first time WebFlow reads this folder. Speeds WebFlow up a bit

Delete subfolders after files have been moved
Deletes subfolders after files have been copied instead of leaving an empty folder structure

Write through disk cache
Tells any intermediate cache to save the data at once - you should only use this option if you get "Delayed write failure" error in a baloon error box is the system tray

Reset stored statuscodes
Only applies to files processed by a filename template that extracts both itemcode and projectcode successfully. If there are any statuscodes stored under an itemcode/projectcode combination they are deleted.

Reset for all items with same projectcode
Reset stored statuscodes for all items with the same projectcode

Extract fonts from PDF files in this folder
Only applies to PDF files.

Fontforge exe must be in a subfolder called fontForge in folder with the WebFlow exe with all necessary dll files.

Fonts are extracted to a subfolder called fonts.

Read hidden and system files
Determines if hidden and system files are read many programs save meta data in hidden files so usually you are not interested in hidden files

Maximum upload threads
To make sure that uploads to this folder wont use all available upload threads you can limit the number used for this folder.

If the folder is a printer queue it might be a good idea to set the limit to 1 so pages are transfered in the correct order

Zero means no limit

Write Macintosh file information
Macintosh computers save extra file information with a file (like the file type and resource fork). This is saved as Alternate Data Streams (ADS) when Mac Os 9 saves to a Windows computer running Services for Macintosh.

WebFlow copies a file's ADS's so the information is preserved as long as the file is only copied between NTFS drives, the information is lost if it is copied to FTP or a FAT32 drive. The Mac file information can be stored in other ways, WebFlow can convert some to and from ADS.

  • Mac Os X
    Mac Os X saves the information in a hidden file with the prefix "._". 
  • EtherShare
    EtherShare stores the information in subfolder ".rsrc"

Check Change
When WebFlow sees a new file it is not read until its size and modified timestamp have not changed for this time.

Size restriction
If WebFlow is processing (eg splitting) files from this folder it does not read new files from is folder if the accumulated size of the queued files from this folder exceeds this amount.

Zero means that option is not active

Ignore Names
List of regular expressions separated by semicolon

Files and subfolders Subfolders that match any of these regular expressions are ignored. Eg. '\._' to ignore all files containing '._' (ie. Mac resource forks).




Monitor Folder

This option is not avaible on source folders (that is a folder that WebFlow processes/reads files from) only on target folders (a folder that WebFlow only writes to).

WebFlow monitors that the files written to this folder later disappears, this is usefull if this folder is the source folder for an external program (eg. Pitstop or Distiller) - thus you can check the the flow does not halt at this folder.

File is removed
Simply monitor that no files (whether written by WebFlow or other applications) remain in this folder.

File appears in external program target folder
Checks that for each file WebFlow writes to this folder a similar file (a file with the same name but possibly different filename extension) appears in another folder. The other folder must be a WebFlow source folder.

This corresponds to a virtual action - an action performed by an external program with a source folder and one or more target folders.

If need file is checked in the list box a file must appear in that folder, otherwise a file just needs to appear in one of the folders listed.

Max time
The maximum time in minutes a file is allowed to stay in the folder or appear in a target folder.





WebFlow sends an alert when there is an error in the folder. Eg. when a FTP folder or network folder is inaccessible. If monitor is turned on for this folder an alert is sent is if monitor is activated.

You can either use default text, delay and to values or enter specific values for this folder

Email To
Enter email adresses separated by semicolon

Enter mobile phone numbers with international prefix and with a plus sign eg.+4512345678 to send SMS to the danish number 12345678. Separate multiple mobile numbers by semicolon.

The message that will be sent, you can use the variables described below, they will be replaced by the correct text in the message

The delay from the folder starts flashing with an error to an alert is sent

Play Sound
If option is enabled the selected wav file is played when the folder starts flashing with an error.

Sound Repeat
The sound is repeated with this interval while the folder has an error if this is zero sound is only played once

WebFlow calls these urls when an error occurs and again when the error goes away

$description: Folder description
$path: Full folder path
$time: Time error occured





Clean Up

Clean up files not moved from folder
This affects files in the folder not moved into WebFlow. Eg. because the extension does not match the filename template or because option "Move files with errors to Fail folder" is not set. Option is not applicable for FTP folders.

Max size
If the total size of all files in folder is greater than this size files are deleted until their total size is smaller than this figure. Oldest files are deleted first.

Max age
If a file is older than this (meaning that it was copied or moved to the folder this long ago) it is deleted.

Allow flow to leave files in WebFlow
Usually the last action associated with a folder must be a move action - so the file is removed from WebFlow. Is this option is on the last action on a folder can be Wait for status - copy to folder.

Clean up files in WebFlow
When a file has been in WebFlow this long it is removed. If WebFlow has moved the file to a different folder, then it is is the similar setting for that folder that is applied.

  • Move to fail
    Removed means that the file is moved to fail folder.
  • Delete 
    Remove means that WebFlows temporary file is deleted.
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