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If mirror is enabled WebFlow does not delete files from folder after they have been copied. If a file is changed it is copied again.


  1. Normal
  2. Used mainly as source folder and for synchronize. If this is both a source and target folder WebFlow wont read a file again that WebFlow has written to the folder. 
  3. Leave File
    WebFlow will use the file in the folder instead of the copy in temporary folder.
    This means that you have easy access to the file - WebFlow will only use the copy in the temporary folder if the file is deleted from this folder.
    If this is both a source and target folder WebFlow WILL read a file again that WebFlow has written to the folder. 
  4. Leave file and do not copy
    Same as Leave file except that the file is not copied to WebFlows temporary folder
    The file is only deleted if a move action is associated with the folder. Distribute to folder action leaves the file in the folder - but actions on destination folders can delete the file (if you also want these actions (except move) to leave the file also set their mirror type to Leave file and do not copy).

Rescan / delete database
WebFlow keeps a database with the files that have been copied for each mirror subfolder in folder "DB Files" in WebFlows EXE's folder. This database can be deleted and thus all files copied again.

Do not copy any files at next scan
If this option is checked WebFlow won't copy any files from this folder in the next scan.

For non ftp folders WebFlow reads all files to calculate CRC32 and MD5 checksums. For ftp folders WebFlow gets the CRC32 checksum for each file from ftp server it the servers supoort XCRC command and MD5 hash if it supports XMD5.

Compare with other folder
See Compare Folders below.

Synchronize these folders
Contains a list of other folders with mirror enabled.

If a file is deleted in this folder the corresponding file (if it exists) is also deleted in all folders in the list.




Compare Folders

Compare 2 mirror databases recursively. All files in the 2 databases are listed here.

Files from folder this folder is written in the left part of the list, files from the other folder on the right. If a filename exists in both folders it is written on the same.

Compare With
Select folder with mirror option turned on to compare with. If there is only one other folder with mirror enabled it is chosen automatically.

Determines which files to show. Missing means files that only exist in one folder, Differences means files where that exist on both sides both have different CRC32 valued.

Choose which checkboxes in list to check.

Limit Selection
Narrows the selection made in the preceding option by only including files from the left or right part of the list.

Change status for selected
Change the status for all selected files (that is files with the checkbow left of the name checked).

File will be read in the next scan. 

File will be deleted in the next scan. 

File will be marked as allready copied and thus wont be read in the next scan.

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