Importing and exporting flows


A flow can be exported to WebFlow flow xml in one WebFlow and imported in another WebFlow. WebFlow also comes with some examples of various standard flows.

The WebFlow flow xml file contains actions, folders and filename templates.

A folder can either be stored as an absolute paths (eg. \\someserver\some folder\ or c:\WebProof data\In\) or as a relative path.




Import Flow

See Importing and exporting a flow above.

  • Actions
    Projectgroups and statuscodes depend on your WebProof system. 
  • Folders
    Absolute folders are imported as they are.
    All folders with relative paths are created in your import flow base folder, See Temporary settings.
    If a folders allready exist in your WebFlow the folder settings from existing folder are used. If the folder is a source folder in both some existing flow and the imported flow, import fails. 
  • Filename Templates
    Only filename templates not allready in your WebFlow settings are imported.

Edit selected folder, thus you can change what folder WebFlow will create

Search & Replace
Search all import folders and replace text. Eg, if you search for c:\ and replace with d:\ all folders on drive c will be created on drive d instead.




Export Flow

See Importing and exporting a flow above.

All relative folders must be entered in basepath in a ; separated list. 

Eg. if all your folders are in the main folder e:\WebProof data\ you can use this a folder as basepath.

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