Split PDF


Split a multi-page PDF to single-page PDF's to destination folder.

If you input a single-page PDF it is renamed to fit settings but not otherwise modified.

Length of pagenumber

The number of characters to use when setting the pagenumber in the new files.

Separator between pagenumbers

The character that indicates the page-range; typically '-'.

If you use this you can set the page-range (ie. '3-11' in the itemcode/pagenumber field in the filename) WebFlow then checks that the multi-page PDF has the correct number of pages (9 in the example).

It is also possible to set the page numbers "manually" in the filename by separating the pages with ',' (ie. 3,5,6 ; the new pagenumbers will then be 3,5 and 6). WebFlow still checks that you give the correct number of pages.

If the itemcode/pagenumber field in the filename is a single number, this number will be the pagenumber of the first page of the PDF that is split.




Insert pagenumber

There are two possibilities for inserting the pagenumber in the single-page PDF's

  • Replace
    Simply replace the existing pagenumber (more specifically the part of the filename denoted as itemcode / pagenumber in the filename template). 
  • Insert pagenumber in filename
    Insert pagenumber at a given position (see position)
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