See prefix below for info on a single prefix.

The prefix list is an ordered list when string is matched against the prefix list, the list is processed from the top and the first prefix that matches is chosen.

Thus if some prefixes overlap you have to choose their order carefully.

The list can be saved and loaded.



Prefix position

Determines how to extract the prefix from the filename.

See position for information about extracting info from a string.

Remove prefix from filename

If this option is checked the prefix is removed from the filename after it has been matched to the prefix string. If From or To field contains strings and not numbers these strings are also removed from the filename.

eg. if option is checked and postion is From "1" To "_" and direction forward the result on filename myprefix_rest_of_filename would be:

prefix: myprefix

the filename after prefix has been removed : rest_of_filename 

Prefix Target


The text that the extracted text is compared to


The result for the given prefix, depends on what you are using the prefix to choose

Text is regular expression

If this is checked the file entered is treated as a regular expression (see regular expression) instead of literal text.

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