Draw Lines


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  • To use the draw lines function, right-click on the open preview page and select "Enable Draw Lines".
  • Alternatively, select "Enable Draw Lines" from the dropdown in the toolbar.



  • The function is now selected.

  • To draw a single line
    Hold down the left mouse button and drag a line. A text field is also displayed into which comments can be added.

  • To draw a figure
    Hold ctrl on PC and cmd on Mac and hold down the left mouse button to drag the first line and release the mouse to end the line. Continue to draw a new line from the endpoint of the previous line and repeat until the figure is done. Release the ctrl/cmd button and a text field is displayed into which comments can be added.

  • When finished, select the status for the page using either the icon on the preview page or by right-clicking the thumbnail and then selecting "Change status".

  • When the preview page is closed, a message box is displayed asking whether comments should be saved. The message box also gives a reminder that the status code for the page should be changed when finished.


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