Sticky Notes




  • If comments are to be made, for example, on a photo, it is a good idea to use the Sticky Note function.

  • Right-click the photo and select "New Sticky Note" or select the icon on the preview page.

  • A text box is displayed into which comments can be made.

  • The small pointer box and text box can be moved by holding the mouse button down on the envelope and dragging it.








  • If exactly the same comment is to be applied to multiple photos or areas within the same preview page, use the Multi-Sticker function.

  • After the first sticky note has been added, right-click the text box and select "New icon", or click the icon at the bottom of the sticky note.

  • A new icon linked to the same text box is now created.

  • Left-click on the new icon and move it to the required position on the page.

  • Repeat the above process to create multiple icons that refer to the text box.

  • When the preview page is closed, or another page is browsed to using the arrow icons, sticky notes are saved automatically. A message box is displayed asking whether sticky notes should be saved.

  • Alternatively, sticky notes can be saved at any time by clicking the diskette icon.







This function makes proofreading and communication across languages quick and easy.



  1. If you want to translate the content of the Sticky Note text box, just click Translate and choose any language.
  2. You can use the Swap icon to replace the original text with translated text. 
  3. Before closing the page, be aware that only the text in the left column will be saved.





Attaching Files

  • Files can be attached to sticky notes.
  • Click on the "Attachment" icon to attach (upload) relevant files to the current page.
  • An attachment could be, for example, a new image or a text file but all kind of files can be attached.

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