Groups and Archive Settings


This setting has 2 functions:

  • To organize the publications in groups in the administration module.
  • To make the group accessible to the user in the preview. For example, a collection of related catalogues or newsletters will always be at your fingertips.  

  1. Open the Groups Editor.
  2. Make a New Label.
  3. Remember to Save Labels before closing the window.
  4. Choose the publication from the list and select Groups and Archive Settings.
  5. Assign the publication to the group. Remember to save the changes.


  6. To get a better overview of the grouped publications, choose a group to get a relevant selection in the publication list.


  7. If "Display archive" is choosen the function becomes visible in the viewer.
    In the viewer page choose the "Archive" function to open.
  8. If "Display into archive" is choosen the publication will be visible in the viewer archive on all publications in the same group that have "Display archive" activated. Remember to save the changes.
    In the viewer page choose the publication to open in a new page flip window.
    In this example the publications "Magazine version A" and "Magazine version B" is available because they have the setting "Display into archive" active and are archived in the same group.

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