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How to Start and Stop WebFlow

  1. Open the application. The flows are paused. 
  2. Go to the File menu and choose "Start." The flows are active when the green icon is visible.
    Note: Some WebFlow setups that integrate with other applications may require you to start the applications before you open WebFlow. In these cases, you will be instructed on how to proceed. The applications' desktop aliases will normally show a number representing the start-up order. 
  3. To stop WebFlow, choose "Stop" from the file menu.





  1. Menu

  2. Job process queue.
    You can modify the view order using the tabs.
    A. Time
    B. The project code is the WebFlow identity name.
    C. The status shows the process that is running. 
    NOTE: This will also show you information on errors. You can find more details about errors under the Misc tab.
    D. Filename
    E. Folder shows you what input/output folders WebFlow is using for the process.
    F. Misc shows miscellaneous details about the process. 
    NOTE: This will also display information about errors.
  3. Flows
    The setup can include many different flows, which can work together or stand alone. You can stop/start the flows individually by right clicking on the tab and choosing "Stop/Start." 
    NOTE: A yellow alert icon on a tab and a red cross (X) over a folder indicate possible errors in a flow. The issue is often that the connection to this particular folder was lost. If the issue is with a network folder, check the connections to mounted drives and FTP connections.




Common Issues

Common issues include uploading problems, missing previews, or other errors, such as "Error … WebFlow not connected". To troubleshoot these issues, take the following steps:

  1. Check to make sure the WebFlow application is running; if it is not, start the application. 
  2. Check for errors in WebFlow. If the error is due to disconnected network drives or a disconnected FTP connection, reconnect, stop/start WebFlow, and make sure the error/alert is gone and the queue is executing. 
  3. If you need additional help, please contact support.
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