Global XML


Common options affecting all XML 2 WebProof actions and other actions that use stored XML data.

  • Days to store itemcodes
    Maximum number of days to store itemcode/projectcode combination - collected in Store Itemcode in XML to WebProof action.
  • Itemcode unique Determines whether the itemcode database is a one-one reflection of itemcode-projetcode combination - thus making an itemcode unique because it only appears once in the database. Otherwise the dabase is a one -many reflection of itemcode-projectcode combination, thus storing more than one projectcode for each itemcode. Thus if a new entry is added where the itemcode is allready in the database the existing entry will have its projectcode changed to that of the new entry, so there is still only 1 entry with the given itemcode.

    The following actions requires that itemcode unique is turned on:
    • Rename rule insert projectcode
    • Rename rule check projectcode
    • XML to WebProof with any of the Itemcode exists in database options turned on (in store tab in action dialog)
  • The following actions requires that itemcode unique is turned off:
    • Wait for statuscode with activate files with same itemcode option
    • Import Indesign file
    • Distribute action with duplicate option Stored Project Code
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