Move/Copy to WebProof


Uploads a file to WebProof if the action is move the file is deleted after the upload has been verified.




WebProof destination


Choose the type of upload

  • Note attachment (private or public)

The page must allready exist in WebProof this file will then be uploaded as attachment to the existing page

  • Normal

The page is uploaded normally to WebProof if the page allready exist in WebProof (ie. there is a page in WebProof with the projectcode and itemcode) the existing page is replaced.




Wait for other upload to finish before downloading

If files must be uploaded in the correct order you can use the wait function. For instance if you are uploading a note attachment you can wait for the page to be uploaded normally first (as the note upload only works if the page exists in WebProof).

This upload waits until another upload with same projectcode and itemcode has been finished. WebFlow remembers old uploads for a given time (See miscelleaneous options) thus WebFlows knows if the upload you want to wait for has allready finished.

Select which folder the upload you are waiting must come from

Wait timeout
Maximum time in seconds to wait for the other upload to start.

If WebFlow has found another upload that this upload must wait for it waits indefinetely

Timeout action
Determines what to do with the upload if there is no upload to wait for

  • Move file to fail
    This file is moved to the filename template's fail folder
  • Resume processing file
    WebFlow continues with this upload.
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