Add New WebProof Project


Creates a new add project based on the projectcode (both name and code of the new project is set to project code) extracted in filename template WebProof in a projectgroup (see set project group).

If the projectcode (and thus the project) allready exists in WebProof, WebFlow checks that existing project is in the same projectgroup as the action is trying to set.

After this the file is moved to the destination folder.

Action ensures that an empty project is created with notification you can ensure that an empty page is also created in WebProof.




Custom View

If enabled project will be created with custom view. This means that the itemcode of a page in the created project is actually a page number.

Default value for both ids are 5, this corresponds to a standard single page project in WebProof.

For id's of other custom views please contact WebProof.

Page range
This determines which how many pages the project will be created with.

  • Get from PDF
    Uses the number of pages in the PDF file (so you will have to use a multi-page PDF for any interesting results) 
  • Dynamic
    WebFlow waits this many minutes for other files with the same project code. After waiting largest pagenumber (ie. itemcode) of all files with this project code is used. 
  • Static
    Always create new project with this many pages.
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