Monitor and click dialog boxes


WebFlow can monitor dialog boxes (click-able windows) and automatically click on the correct button. Eg. if an external programs sometimes stop because it is displaying a dialog box WebFlow can autotically click in the box so your workflow does not stop.

The easiest way to use this function is by clicking search - when the dialog box you want to automatically click in is open.

Search open windows for a given name, helps identifying which dialog boxes you want to monitor. Also enables you to add the dialog box.

Test if any windows match settings.

Dialog Boxes
List of dialog boxes that are monitored, for each type of dialog box you must enter Name and Class name.

Default button is optional entry.

Dialog Texts
Check dialog box for these texts (texts for selected dialog box in Dialog Boxes list are shown).

If all is clicked text in dialog must be an exact match otherwise a partial match is enough.

Command line is optional if it is filled out that commandling is run when a match occurs.

Text Controls
The program clicks the controls in order listed here.

Wait before click
Time in milliseconds to wait before clicking a control.

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