Equal load distribution


Distributes files among several engines (eg. Pitstop or Distiller) that reads from different folders - that WebFlow writes to.

This distribution tries to maximise the total throughput of all engines and distribute files to other engines if one or more engine should stop running or become inaccessible.

Engine shutdown/inaccessible.

If the folder is inaccessible or if a file has been in the folder longer than specified in folders monitor settings no more files are copied to this folder.

The files allready copied are deleted from the folder (if this is possible), the files are then copied to a different folder. A file is not deleted in WebFlow until is has been processed (removed by an external program) in the folder.

Reactivate folder pause

Wait this time (in minutes) before trying to use a stopped engine again

Ensure that load is shared between all engines

The goal is that no engine should have a file queue when another engine is idle.

Max combined size in folder

WebFlow will not copy new files to a folder if the total size of files in the folder is larger than this.

Target folder poll interval

WebFlow calculates the combined file size in each target folder with this interval. This is done with one thread per folder.

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