Send email


Send an email. WebFlows looks up any stored properties under the itemcode/projectcode, these can be inserted in the email. 


Can also be taken from stored properties, simply enter the id (a number) it was stored under in XML to WebProof action. In the email you write $id42 to insert property 42.

Separate multiple recipients with ;

Attach file

Attach the processing file to the email.

Email template

The email to be sent.


Subject line of email - can also include WebFlow variables

Additionally there are the the following general WebFlow variables:

WebFlow Variables

$itemcode, $projectcode, $filename, $filesize, $folder, $fullpath,$filetitle

$idxxx where xxx is an id eg $id123 or $id12 - if WebFlow has any stored data with this id for the file's itemcode and projectcode combination $idxxx is replaced by this text, otherwise nothing is inserted.

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