What are the main differences between WebProof Basic and WebProof Enterprise?


WebProof Basic and WebProof Enterprise are different on these fronts:

  • 10 users vs. 100 (both expandable)
  • 3 page Status Codes vs. infinite number
  • project thumbnails viewed as Pages 1-N vs. as reader's or printer's spread
  • 2 user roles vs. infinite number
  • 2 external Express Users vs. 10

WebProof Basic and WebProof Enterprise are similar on these fronts:

  • compare versions pixel-by-pixel
  • full PDF Text Search
  • Print-Ready Log

If you find you need:

  • more than 30 Users
  • more custom Status Codes
  • StatusFlow routing of pages
  • more custom Roles
  • various Notification Rules
  • to Hide Pages ...

...and perhaps also need:

  • webFlow workflow management of external systems
  • XML Integration
  • automatic Project Creation
  • direct high-res PDF editing
  • automatic portal upload
  • to reduce your e-mail box and generally want a totally automated PDF workflow,

...you can always upgrade to WebProof Enterprise!

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