Overview of read/unread pages and Attachments




  • If comments or notes have been attached to a page, the system adds a small pin (1) to the thumbnail in the page overview.
  • A red pin (1) indicates that there are comments on the page that, as far as the system is concerned, have not yet been viewed.
    Click a pin to display all comments that have been attached to the page (2).
    A sealed envelope icon alongside a comment indicates that it has not yet been viewed. Click the envelope icon (4) to mark the comment as viewed.
    The icon changes to an open envelope (5).
    You can also mark comments as read (5) or unread (4) by clicking on the Sticky Note envelope in preview mode. 
  • Once all envelopes have been opened, the pin on the page overview changes from red to grey (5), indicating that there are no longer any unviewed comments.
    If another user subsequently adds a comment, the pin will change back to red (1).
  • Move the cursor over the Clip icon and a list appears with attached files (3) - see above.





The Preview or Notes can also be accesed by right-click menu.




View Attachments

  • If files has been attached to a Sticky Note a Clip (1) appears on the note. Move the cursor over the Clip icon and a list appears with attached files. Download the file with the green download arrow and get a thumb-preview by moving the cursor over the icon (2).

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