Update InDesign Server


Preparations by the client 

  1. Make sure any new license needed is available. InDesign Server can be bought by WebProof. Contact us for prices.
  2. Make sure that workstation versions of InDesign is prepared and the WebProof Plug-in is installed latest one day before.
  3. Make sure to create and upload a test job we can use for testing.

Preparations by WebProof 
Checks that the new InDesign server is compatible with the existing setup.

Update process 

  1. The old InDesign server will run in parallel while the new InDesign server is installed. 
  2. The client may be required to log on to the server and enter their Adobe ID and password. 
  3. A 5-10 min restart may be required, which will be coordinated with the client. 

Switch to new InDesign Server

  1. Production is paused (for a maximum of 1 hour). During this period, server-related functions can’t be used (like InDesign Server Upload and InDesign Corrections). WebProof cloud can be used as usual (like navigating, sticky note comments, setup management etc.). 
  2. WebProof tests the live system. 
  3. After WebProof has approved the new setup, the client will test all usual server-related functions (like InDesign Server Upload, InDesign Corrections, Error statuscodes/Error logs, Pitstop Preflight Error statuscodes/Attached reports). Once the client has approved the new setup, then production can begin on the new server. 
  • Note: If any issues are found with the new InDesign server, it can be switched back to the old version and production can continue while it is fixed. 

We recommend that the old InDesign server remains installed as a backup for 2 weeks until it can be established that the new InDesign server is stable.

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