Example of the "Pie" view (12).


  1. Choose publication.
  2. Choose time period.
  3. Show visitors by different browsers for the selected period. Choose to show as list (10), bar (11), or pie (12).
  4. Show visitors by different countries for the selected period. Choose to show as list (10), bar (11), or pie (12).
  5. Show graphically unique visitors for the selected period. Unique visitors refers to the number of distinct individuals requesting pages from the website during a given period, regardless of how often they visited.
  6. Show graphically visitors for the selected period.
  7. Show a heat map per page for the selected period.
    Orange spots indicate where users have zoomed in and the blue spot indicates where they have zoomed out.
  8. Referrers shows which websites users have opened the link from. Choose to show as list (10), bar (11), or pie (12).
  9. Download a detailed PDF report or just a heat map report.

The report contains:

  • Total visits
  • Unique visits
  • Total time users spent on publication
  • Total pages viewed
  • Total zooms
  • Total prints
  • Total PDF downloads
  • Total e-mails sent
  • Total words searched
  • Total referrers
  • URLs clicked inside your publication
  • Products added to shopping basket list
  • For each page, number of hits, time spent, prints of page and zoom in total, as an avarage per visit and percentage of total publication



Example of the "List" and "Bar" view.


Example of the "Unique Visits" graph view.

Example of the "Heat Map" view.

Example of the PDF report from "Download".

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