Title, Skin, Panels, Size and Language


  1. Change the publication title.
  2. Enter a tracking code for Google Analytics.
  3. Change the language of the Help mouse over labels.
  4. Change the skin color by selecting it from the dropdown menu or specifying a hexadecimal value. The skin color is used in the panel, the Help labels, the Tell a friend function and the related notification email (see the example below), the Shopping list function and the loading page. 
  5. Deselect the bottom panel. There is no top panel in the newest version of Pageflip but this function is to control old versions of Pageflip, which has both top and bottom panels.
  6. The default setting "Auto" automatically adjusts the size to the browser window. Enter a pixel width and height to fix the size.
  7. Deselect the Zoom function.

Remember to save the changes.

This example shows the result from the selections made from the menu (top of page). This example shows a mouse over label and the open window of the "Tell a friend" function.


Example of how the above changes in "Skin" look in the Load page.

Example of how the above changes in "Skin" look in the "Tell a friend" notification email.

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