Filename Template


This determines if a file in a source folder is accepted (will be read) by WebFlow.


This text can either be Wildcard search or regular expression

  • Wildcard search
    This is the basic search pattern for this template eg. *.PDF but it could also be *only_these_files.PDF .
    use semicolon to separate different matches. Eg. "*.pdf;*.jpg" to get pdf and jpg files. 
  • Regular expression
    See regular expression.




Project and Item code

For a file to be accepted by WebFlow it must match the filetype pattern and WebFlow must be able to extract Item Code (and Project Code & Project Group if they are enabled). Eg. Item Code from '1' to '_' can't be extracted from the filename newproject-001.pdf

See position for information about position.

Project Code
Project Code is only extracted if "Extract Project Code" is checked, if it is extracted from a file there must be matching project (that is a project with the same project code) unless the associated action is "Add new WebProof Project" (See Add Project)

Item Code
If file belongs to project with pagenumbers the item code is actually the page number and must valid in the project

Fields can overlap
If this is unchecked the extracted fields must not overlap in the filename; if they do the filename does not match the filename template.




Project Group

Extract Project Group

Project group can also be extracted from filename.

Project Group
If this field is extracted there must be a matching projectgroup.

Project Group field type

  • Name
    Field must match the name of a project group. 
  • Code
    Field must match the code of a project group. 
  • Partial Name
    Field must match a part of the name of a project group, Partial Name Position determines which part. 

Only look in project group
If this is checked the matching project group must be a descendant (in a sub group of) of the chosen project group

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