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  • "Express User" is a temporary user and means that one or more users may receive an e-mail containing a "deep link" to one or more pages in WebProof, to which comments and status changes can be applied.
    These are automatically applied directly in WebProof.
  1. In order to have one or more pages approved or commented by a person who is not permanently set up in the system, highlight the page(s), right-click and select "Add Express User".
  2. Populate the fields in the displayed dialog. If SMS field is populated, the recipient will also receive an SMS notification when action is required in Webproof. (ALWAYS include the country code, e.g. +45, before the mobile number).
  3. This message will be included in the e-mail.
  4. Select the length of time that the user should have access to the page(s).

  • Click "OK" to send an e-mail containing a direct link to the relevant page(s).
  • To allow the same user to carry out additional proofing, go into "History" and click on the name to transfer all data to the new proof.


  • The express user can click directly from the received e-mail to the page(s) in WebProof, without the need to enter a username or password.



  • First, help is displayed giving instructions to the user. The language is automatically set to the language of the user's computer, but can be changed.
  • The user can either insert comments or approve a page. Only the pages originally highlighted are displayed. No other parts of WebProof are accessible to the user.



  • Pages are displayed as a preview.

  • Only pages with no comments can be "Approved".

  • When status is selected, the user is prompted to proceed to the next page (if one exists).

  • A page is no longer accessible, once it has been saved or a status code has been selected.


  • If an express user is NOT required to select the status code, a reminder is displayed to save changes before closing the browser window (see illustration). If the user does forget to save before closing the window, a message will prompt the user to save before closing the window. Once saved, the user can no longer access the page(s).




Troubleshooting checklist

If notifications are not being received, please check the following:

  1. Start by contacting the project owner or WebProof administrator to confirm that the notifications have been sent to you. 
  2. If this has been confirmed, please check that spam filter or firewall in email client or mailserver are not blocking WebProof notifications.
  3. If you are working on a local network, please contact your IT administrator and make sure "" is whitelisted in the firewall. 
  4. If all of these are ok, please contact
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