System Settings

  1. The general system settings are displayed by clicking the orange icon. The green icon displays online help. The red icon logs the user out of WebProof.
    The blue icon displays personal login information.

  2. The system info window contains 5 tabs.
    "General" displays licencing information.
    "Modules" displays the list of modules that are linked to this licence. "Status", "Settings", "Images" and "Notification Log" are described below.
  3. "Images" allows for the upload of a corporate design logo for use on the login page and HTML e-mails. When "Upload" is selected, the required logo pixel dimensions are displayed. This is important to maintain the correct image proportions. Most common image formats are supported.

  4. The "Status" tab displays disk space utilisation, the number of Express users currently online, and the number of transmitted SMS and e-mail messages. 
    The express users can be deleted by selecting the modify button (A), select Delete (B) and Apply (C).

    Note: The SMS Notifications and "SMS Messages sent"-menu is not available in FREE WebProof version. See more about FREE setup here.

  5. The "Notification Log" tab displays an overview of all Notifications (D) sent and express users who have not responded within the expected timeframe (E).

  6. The Settings tab is IMPORTANT when starting WebProof.
  7. Here, the e-mail address to where replies should be sent, e.g. when on holiday, etc., must be provided.
  8. If an express user MUST specify a status code, this must be checked.
  9. Select the status codes from the status code list that Approved and Correction will represent.

  10. Automatic specification of project status code can be enabled. If the required status codes have been moved to the "ranking" column, with the lowest ranking at the top (in this case APPROVED), then the overall project status will only be set to APPROVED when all pages in the job have been set to APPROVED in the Navigator. The status will only appear on the folders that contains projects - not on folders that only contains subfolders.

    Note: The "Project status order"-menu is not available in FREE WebProof version. See more about FREE setup here.

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