• Notes differ from Sticky Notes, be generally applicable to a page where Sticky Notes identifies a certain point on the page. We reccomend to use Sticky Notes.

  • In Notes you can also choose between Public or Inhouse. Everyone can see Public where Inhouse is restricted to selected users.






Attaching Files

  • Files can be attached to sticky notes. If you have access to public notes, you can also add attachments here.

  • In "Notes", you can not only insert comments but also attach all types of files that are relevant to the page. Right-click on the page and select "New Note"

  • Use the "Text" tab to add general comments and change the status of the current page.
    Note that comments added using this function will NOT be included in the printed comments overview.

  • Use the "Attachments" tab to attach (upload) relevant files to the current page.
    An attachment could be, for example, a new image or a text file.

  • Alternatively, and perhaps more logically, files can be attached using the sticky note function. 




Preview options for Sticky Notes and attachments

  1. If comments or notes have been attached to a page, the system adds a small pin to the thumbnail in the page overview.
  2. Click a pin to display all comments that have been attached to the page.
  3. Move the cursor over the Clip icon and a list appears with attached files.

See more about this function with Sticky Notes.


The Preview can also be accesed by right-click menu.


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