Creating new Status Codes

  • The "Status Codes" folder is located under "Settings".
  • Right-click on the folder and select "New Status Code... ".

    Note: Costumizable Status codes is not available in FREE and BASIC WebProof version. See more about FREE and BASIC setup here.

  • Populate the fields on both tabs. Under "Description" on the first tab, it is recommended to give a description of what and to whom this status code refers, and who it will normally be used by.
  • In the "Font" tab, try to ensure that the name is uppercase, max. 7 characters, bold and 10pt, as this gives the most readable and uniform appearance.
  • Click "OK".


  • The new status code is created in the folder with the other status codes.

  • Remember to add the new status code to the user(s) who need need to use it. Even though the new status code has been created in the system, the relevant users do not automatically have access to it.
  • This is done under "Settings/Roles", which defines that users with the appropriate role have access to the new status code.

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