3D Admin Overview


Choose the 3D Publish admin button to log in from WebProof.


The sections contain:

  1. Overview - starting menu with basic statistics and previous visits.
  2. My Publications - list of all publications and allows you to change a publication's surroundings.
  3. Links & Media - opportunities to add functionality to a publication.
  4. Statistics - advanced statistics and report downloads.
  5. Get HTML - control the HTML code for the publication's link and static link.

    Overview menu
  6. Close 3D Publish admin.
  7. Choose refresh to update the basic statistics.
  8. Change language for the 3D Publish admin module.
  9. Change the width size of the 3D Publish admin module.
  10. Check the status of the current month's maximum consumption.
  11. Choose statistics for Last week, Last month or Last year.

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