Checklist for Startup Procedure


A. Running session

  1. Make sure WebFlow users ALWAYS log on after server restarts. This is important because WebFlow runs as an application and not as a service. 
  2. Make sure WebFlow users are ONLY logged on one time.
    Users should avoid connecting to the WebFlow server via the Remote Desktop (RDP) because by default, that allows WebFlow users to open multiple sessions. Thus, it is possible to have multiple live WebFlow instances, which can cause communication failures between WebFlow and WebProof. You can disable multiple RDP sessions in Windows.


B. Communication

All communication between the WebFlow application and the WebProof Cloud goes through the following channels/ports, which are all inside the firewall:

  • Port 80 (HTTP) 
  • Port 21 (FTP) 
  • Com port: This is customer-specific (e.g., 5880) 
  • Data port: 5864-5869 

All communication goes via the following URLS (inside/out): 

  • Can be named,, etc. 
  • Can be named,, etc. 
  • Your WebProof URL: Such as


C. Running Applications

  1. Make sure WebFlow is running or start WebFlow and the queues manually if they do not automatically start (this is important). 
  2. Other applications used with WebFlow, such as InDesign Server and Pitstop Server, are automatically started by the WebFlow application. For example, if your production setup requires Pitstop Server for processes other than WebFlow, make sure this is also set up. 

You can also make sure applications are running by opening the Task Manager and checking the Processes tab. Look for webflow.exe:




D. Drives

Make sure all internal drives or network drives are mounted and connected.



E. Hardware

Check that the required specifications are met. It can sometimes be difficult to predict a server's production load. Therefore, it may be necessary to monitor the hardware to prevent applications from crashing or to determine necessary modifications.

  1. Monitor RAM and CPU usage to determine the server load over time. 
  2. Make sure local disks do not run out of space.
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