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 Select other ways to view the job.






  • Choose between PDF text search in either the PDF files within the project, the folder in which the project is saved, or throughout WebProof.
  • Enter page numbers in the "Item Number" field, e.g. 1-3, 6-12, to view search results for only these pages.
  • Select a status code to view all pages with this status code, in a project or folder, or throughout WebProof.
  • Enter a specific username to view the pages that this user was the last to update.
  • NOTE! As WebProof saves settings, remember to reset the search criteria to return to standard WebProof view.





  • Here, pages are sorted and displayed in the specified order. Remember to reset the search and sort criteria to return to standard WebProof view.




Pages Field + Functions



The toolbar controls project functions. Use the pages field to enter sequences or ranges of pages followed by a function.

  • It can be opened/closed by clicking the thin grey tab located underneath it.
  • Depending on your role and rights, functions become active when a project is selected. Search function is always active.
  • Pages: Enter sequences or ranges of pages, e.g. 1-3, 6-12, to display only those pages. Alternatively, highlight pages by clicking the mouse while holding ctrl (cmd on Mac) or shift (single/multi pages). After entering page range choose the following functions:
  1. "Preview", highlight or enter the pages to preview and click the icon.
  2. "Notes", highlight or enter the pages that contain the notes to be viewed and click the icon.
  3. "Upload", highlight or enter the pages to be uploaded and click the icon.
  4. "Download", highlight or enter the pages to be downloaded as a PDF file, e.g. to print the pages in high resolution, and click the icon.
  5. "Open PDF", highlight or enter the pages to be opened as a PDF file and click the icon.
  6. "3D Book", open the job in 3D Book view
  7. "Change Status", highlight or enter the pages to change status and click the icon.
  8. "Print", highlight or enter the page to print with sticky notes attached and click the icon.
  9. "Refresh", update the page/window.





With the default menu you can:

  1. Under "Thumbnails" switch between large and small thumbnails.
  2. Under "Thumbnails" deactivate thumbnails.
  3. Under "Thumbnails", by default you can always reuse the preview window when you open more than one page, but you can uncheck this to open more windows.
  4. Under "Action", you can decide what a double-click on a thumbnail will do.






The functions are also accessible by right-clicking a thumbnail:

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