Set status

Set status in WebProof for item, if item does not exist in WebProof a blank page is created.

Status options:.

  • Do not set status 
  • Set status 
  • Use prefixes

Use prefix (see prefixes) in filename to select which status to set.

Do not set status if itemcode/projectcode is in db.

If this is checked status is not set if the item is in WebFlows database.

Webflow can store a counter for an itemcode / projectcode combination on ID 128 in the Webflow database. The value of the counter can then be used as any other data in webflow - eg. when setting status with prefix you set different statuses depending on the value of the counter.

Increase value by 1.

Set counter to zero.





If a file with the same name is found in the target folder there are various options. 

  • No
    Current file is sent to fail folder.
  • Always
    Existing file in target folder is deleted.
  • Only older
    Existing file in target folder is deleted if it is older than the current file.
  • Backup existing file
    Webflow creates a subfolder called .webflowBack in target folder and moves existing file to this folder and inserts a timestamp in the filename. 
  • Rename existing file using versioning
    You can either use timestamp or $version in addition to static text - $version is replaced with a 3 digit number - so first version is -001 2. -002 and so on.




Rename file

You can enter a number of rename rules (see See Rename rule)

These are processed in order.

Test Input
You can test the rules by inputting a filename here.


Rename Counter
Inserts a counter in the filename, each action has its own counter which all the rename rules in the action share.

There are 2 types of counters.

  • Numbers
    1, 2, 3 and so on.
  • Letters
    A, B C ... Z (the last letter used). The internal number is a decimal number it is converted like you would convert a decimal number to hexidecimal, only 'A' represents zero and 'Z' is the last number.

You can split the numbering into sets using Integer Operation.

  • None
    The counter is inserted as it is.
  • Modulos
    The modulos (% operator) is used with the integer operation number as the second operand - this is the same as the remainder of a integer division. So 7/5 is 1 and 7 % 5 is 2.
  • Division
    The counter is divided by integer operation number.

Minimum length
Species the minimum length of the string inserted into the filename. Numbers are padded with 0's, letters with A's.

Increment Counter by
Specifies how much the actions counter should be raised once the file have been renamed, the counter is not raised until all rename rules have been performed so all rename rules see the same value of the counter.

A set example:
We want to rename the incoming files to AAA_000 to AAA_99 so 100 filenames in each set. The next filename should be AAB_000.

The numbers should be inserted as Modulos 100 and the letters with division 100.

Only one of the the rules should increment the counter.

Minimum length should be 3.




Meta Data

Uploads meta data stored in WebFlows data base to WebProof. 

If Unique Itemcode is turned on only itemcode is used to look up the metadata in the database otherwise projectcode is also used.
Counter Explained above under "Set status".





Actions in WebFlow can either have a priority of low, normal or high. This determines the order files are processed in; the priority of the action the file belongs to determines the order files are processed in.

Files with the same priority are processed first in first out.

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