Convert file


Create PDF
See below "Convert to PDF".

Acrobat Distiller
Acrobat Distiller control, you select a distiller profile

External program
Use external program to process files.
In the commandline you must specify input filename as $in and output as $out

Render PDF
Renders a pdf.
There are different ways to render a pdf: 

  1. Ghostscript 
  2. Acrobat 
  3. Ghostscript with overprint 
  4. Acrobat with overprint (Deprecated - use acrobat save as functionality instead)
    Acrobats viewer settings affect WebFlow, especially the settings under Preferences->Page Display where Resolution must be set to 72 DPI and Font Smoothing should be set to "Monitor" option.
    WebFlow only checks that overprint is turned on the first time a pdf is rendered after WebFlow is started. So do not turn off overprint in acrobat after WebFlow has been started. 

In the commandline WebFlow substitutes $$in with the input filepath and $$out with the output filepath. 

Extension determines what extension WebFlow will put on the created file.

Compare image
Compares 2 images 

Create XML
XML can be created in different ways with different kinds of input.

  1. Fix XML
    Illegal characters in input are replaced with escape codes and illegal control codes are removed. 
  2. Split XML
    Given the name of an element WebFlow splits input XML so there is only one occurence of element in new XML. 

EPSF preview
Adds Mac Pict preview to resourcefork of file and sets Finderinfo for file so file is visible on Mac OS 9. This does not affect windows computers reading the file.

If eps does not contain a TIFF preview WebFlow uses ghostscript to render eps and imagemagick to convert to the correct TIFF format. If the file does an embedded TIFF preview this preview is used when creating the Mac Pict preview.

You must also add an error TIFF in action, this is used as preview if ghostscript cannot render the eps.

Correct CMYK equivalence
Change separation CMYK equivalences and tint transforms in 2 PDFs to be the same.

Acrobat save as
See below "Acrobat Save As".

Merge PDFs
Merge PDFs when all files in a project have appeared in this folder.

WebFlow has to know how many pages there should be in the output file. This is done by assuming that all pages in a project uploaded through WebProof must be present. So WebFlow counts the number of itemcodes in a project (all item codes where status has been set in WebProof (eg. via Upload to WebProof or copy/move action with set status)).

Since WebFlow counts all the itemcodes used in a project you have to make sure that there is one itemcode for each page.

Only compare projectcode and itemcode or look entire filename
If this option is checked WebFlow only looks at the part of the filename that defines projectcode and itemcode. Eg. np01_001_abc.pdf and np01_002_def.pdf with projectcode np01 and itemcodes 001 and 002 respectively. These files will only be merged is option is checked.

See sample flow Split and Merge i sample flow folder (subfolder called Flows where WebFlow is installed), import using file->import

See below "Zip file or folder".

Insert Watermark in PDF
Inserts Watermark graphics in pdf.

Create PDF from InDesign document
Create PDF using selected profile

Compare earlier version
Requires ghostscript. Only works for pdf and ps (also eps and epsf) files

Renders file and compares with earlier version (based on lookup in WebFlow dababase with itemcode and projectcode), if file is the same as earlier version it is not copied or moved to destination folder

Render SWF
See below "Render SWF (flash movie)".

Execute Script
See below "Execute Script".

Package InDesign document
Packages InDesign document including all resources to subfolder with same name as InDesign file.

Use convert - zip with folders on target folder if you want to zip the package.




Convert to PDF

If image is JPEG any Exif or ITPC metadata is inserted as XMP metadata in the PDF.

WebFlow uses Windows component Gdi+ to read images, supported formats are BMP, ICON, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF, and EMF:

Additionally Maya Iff format is supported.

Other formats ( can be read if Imagemagick is installed.

Use clipping path

If source image contains a clipping path everything outside the clipping path is set to white with full alpha channel transparency

Tile background image

This only affects images with alpha channel transparency.

If this option is turned on this background imaged is tiled - this can be used to show a a pattern where the image is transparent instead of just white background.





This determines how files are downsampled.

JPEG quality

JPEG quality setting determines wheter the compression algorithm will focus on size (low number) or quality (high number). Value between 1 and 100.

  • None
    Image is not rescaled, jpeg quality setting is still used unless the image is a jpeg.
  • DPI
    Image is downscaled to this resolution if is has a higher resolution, image is downscaled using high-quality, bicubic interpolation using GDI+.




Acrobat Save As

Acrobat has save as function in file menu (not available in Acrobat Reader) .

This action does the same to the opened pdf file using the same settings as acrobat, thus you must enter the Acrobat Save As dialog box to set the options that are used when saving a file.

From Acrobat help when input file is multipage:

When the conversion corresponds to jpeg, jpeg2000, png, or tiff, this method saves each page individually under a file name obtained by appending "_Page_#" to the basename of the file name provided.

First Time

Before Webflow can use a file format Acrobat must have initialized the format, you can force Acrobat to do this by entering starting Acrobat and go to Edit->Preferences.

In tab Convert From PDF select the format you want to use, click edit settings (here you can change the default settings webflow will use when saving this format) and click ok.




Zip file or folder

Zip filename
Filename of created zip file you can use both WebFlow variables and Time Syntax

Zip folder
If enabled all files in a subfolder dropped in the main/root folder (root folder for action not root folder on drive) are zipped with relative path.

Mirror in source folder must be set to leave file and recursive option must also be turned on in advanced options. 

Zip file is created when folder has been deleted (after all files have been read).

The only variable for zip filename when zipping a folder is $filetitle (simply name of folder).

WebFlow can also unzip a zip file See distribute action.

Action waits this many minutes after the last write to a file before zipping folder - if zero WebFlow tries to zip at once.

Bypass zip files
If this is enable zip files that are dropped into the main folder are not processed but simply moved to output folder.




Render SWF (flash movie)

The output contains a single frame of the swf animation.

Render to
The format to render to

The zoom percentage to use when rendering

Multi frame SWF
Most swf files contain several frames.

The frame at indicated position in is output.

Single frame SWF
A single frame typically contains a static animation on that frame (so technically if the swf is converted to avi that avi will have multiple frames). We are not able to tell how long the animation lasts the time indicated determines what frame is output.




Execute Script

You can use WebFlow variables in script. In addition to regular variables you can use:

$tempfile : full path to file in WebFlows temporary folder that has executed the action. Be carefull not to delete this file.

$destfolder : destination folder of action (with \ as last character).


Script engine to be used.





Choose Photoshop action to perform on file, you can use prefixes (see prefixes

Save format
Which format to use when saving file.




Pitstop Preflight

This action requires that you have Enfocus Pitstop Server installed.

Profile options.

PDF Profile

You must select a PDF profile to use when preflighting

Action Lists

Optionally you can also add action lists

Preflight options can also be set by prefixes (see prefixes)


Pitstop Report

Save report when

Determines when to save a report

Insert report prefix

WebFlow inserts a string into the output filename so you can tell the generated report from the preflighted PDF.

Report Text

This is the text inserted

Insert position

See insert at position


Pitstop Error

Output PDF when

Determines when to save a PDF - PDF is also saved if there are no warnings or errors

Insert error/warning prefix

If there are errors or warnings webflow WebFlow inserts a string into the output filename so you know there have been an error. This string is also inserted into the report filename (if a report is saved) after the report prefix has been inserted into the report output filename

Error Text

This is the text inserted when there are errors in input PDF

Warning Text

This is the text inserted when there are warnings but no errors in input PDF

Insert position

See insert at position. the position where warning or error text is inserted.


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