Import file


The files in the list are copied to the destination folder. 

Order Type
Determines what format the list is written in. 

Import additional files from 
This is the folder where WebFlow looks for the files in the list. 

Deleted imported files
If this box is checked files are deleted from this folder after they have been copid to the distination folder.

Import types

Jobzonen format.

Medienet 2.0
Import medienet dsc file, see medienet.

Store link
Store link to file in WebFlow database, see "Store Link" below.

Activation XML
The source xml file contains information about the file that WebFlow is actually supposed to read. You can create XML files using activate files dialog. 

Destination folder must have mirror type leave file and do not copy.

The associated filename templates are applied to the file specified in XML file, if WebFlow should not delete the file specified in the XML file Leave File should be enabled under mirror settings.

The font is imported to WebFlows font folder, the target folder must be WebFlows font folder (set under options->edit).

If the input is a zip file WebFlow imports all fonts inside, this way you can import PS Type 1 fonts from Mac; zip the PS Type 1 font on a mac and import the zip file.




Store Link

Store HTML link to a file WebFlow database. This link can be be uploaded to WebProof using XML to WebProof.

The id that is used when link is stored in database, in XML to WebProof this id must be added to database id list in XML to WebProof->Style.

HTML link
The HTML code that will be uploaded to WebProof, you can use some WebFlow variables (which in this case refers to the file found - not the file that triggered the action).

Available variables: $itemcode, $projectcode, $filename, $filesize, $folder, $fullpath,$filetitle

eg.<A href="file://$fullpath">$filetitle</A> will insert a link to the found file with filename without extension as the text visible in the browser 

Fix network path
If the folder you are searching is on a local drive its path must be replaced with the correct network path that other computers on the network or internet see.

eg if c:\WebFlow files\some folder\share is shared as \\WebFlowcomputer\share you must replace c:\WebFlow files\some folder\ with \\WebFlowcomputer\

Insert link in WebProof
If this is set WebFlow posts a xml package to WebProof that inserts the link.

The item must allready exist in WebProof.




Import Other

Activate a single file or all files in a folder.

Activate folder recursively
If checked files in subfolders of found folder will also be activated.




Import activation XML

If filename field is left blank the output filename will be determined from the XML (either webflowname attribute or path attribute if the first attribute is not present).

You can also use the following variables: $webflowname (webflowname attribute), $statuscodeid (statuscodeid attribute from xml), $statuscode (the coresponding name for $statuscodeid), $filetitle, $extension.

If XML contains projectcode and newitemcode attributes they are inserted in the output filename, WebFlow applies the filename template of the output folder to determine which text to replace in the output filename.

Eg. if the filename template projectcode is 1 to _ and projectcode in XML is np01 and filename field is 'insertprojectcode_001.pdf" the output filename is np01_001.pdf.




Edit InDesign Document

Create a XML files with all text contents in a indesign document.

A XML file is generated for each page in the indesign document.

Length of pagenumber
Not used for single page files.

The number of characters to use when setting the pagenumber in the XML files. The first page of the project in WebProof must have itemcode 1 (or 0001 depending on the number you enter here).




Import ADSML

Imports Adsml file. 

This is the xsl used to transform adsml to WebProof xml format 

See transformation out for chosen xsl file 

Must be checked if you want to use export Adsml function. 

Activate PDF file when necessesary
If material has allreay been uploaded to WebProof and the adsml adds insertion period or publication, a pdf has to be uploaded to the new pages in WebProof.

Under find tab you must specify how WebFlow should search for new file.

Output filename
Use WebFlow variables $itemcode and $projectcode refers to the new page in WebProof, ie value of this field could be "$projectcode_$itemcode.pdf"

Delete Status
If a page (ie a publication or insertion peroid) has been removed the corresponding page in WebFlow must be hidden, this is the where you select a hide statyus code.




Export Adsml

Export adsml file that must have been imported earlier. Using itemcode (which is the same as content id in adsml) WebFlow finds the correct adsml order number (adsml: sellers reference) and exports the file with changes. 

Extract status
Extracts status code from filename. 

Contructs a string to lookup correct new data in list. 

If statuscode is extracted from filename, you can use $status 

New Data
Describes which fields must be changed, this is a comma separated list. 

Change Table
Input is used to construct a string that is then matched to the input column in this table, the data from New Data column is then inserted into the adsml using New Data field.

If an input field in change table is * it matches any input. If a new data field is ? no change is made to adsml for that entry. If a data field i $id123 it gets data for id 123 from WebFlow database.

Identify field
How to describe fields (remember that this is case sensitive) 

Label properties, of the form 

<adsml:Label>Production Queue</adsml:Label>

Use 'label:Production Queue' if you want to change the field containing 'EJ' 

Regular fields, of the form 


Use 'code:Status' if you want to change the field containing 'Y'


An example
adsml:AdType and the statuscode (from WebProof) must generate the input string, and you want to change Production Type and Status in Adsml


input should be :'code:AdType,$status'

new data : 'label:Production Type,code:Status'

An entry in change table matching AdType 'AAA' with statuscode 'webproofstatus' and changing Production Type and Adsml Status to 'new prod type' and 'new adsml status':

AAA,webproofstatus - new prod type,new adsml status

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