• WebFlow UserWebFlow Role and WebFlow Identity are only relevant for a hot-folderbased workflow, i.e. WebFlow is installed. The "WebFlow Identity" field relates to a project, "WebFlow user" to permissions, while "WebFlow Role" is only visible if WebFlow is installed.
  • Each WebFlow installation communicates with WebProof as if it were a normal WebProof user. WebFlow is therefore treated as a user when attached to a project group under "Permissions", i.e. WebFlow must have access to a project before being able to "see" and upload files to it. Note that some projects have multiple WebFlows. In this case, each WebFlow installation will have its own list of users in WebProof. Each WebFlow can be attached to a separate area in WebProof.

    Note: WebFlow is only avaliable in PLATINUM WebProof version. See more about FREE and BASIC setup here.
  1. The "WebFlow Identity" field specifies a code for the current project, which, based on its file name or XML code, can subsequently be used to identify a file in the flow. A project called "Magazine week 16", for example, would not usually be included in a file name in its entirety.

    In this case, "mag16" would be a more suitable name for the WebFlow identity. The name must not contain spaces or special characters. If the "AutoProject" module is installed, WebFlow can create the project in WebProof and also name the WebFlow Identity. If AutoProject is not installed, the correct WebFlow Identity must be manually assigned, if WebFlow is to be used for this project. "AutoProject" can be  used in combination with manually-created projects, as well as projects where WorkFlow will not be used.

  2. In the "WebFlow Role", select "Allow" to all as standard in all 3 tabs. There can be exceptions to this if there is several WebFlows and this setup will be made in coorporation with a WebProof Consultant.

  3. Go to "Navigator/Projects/Permissions".

  4. "WebFlow User" is attached to a project group by right-clicking on the group in "Attach the current WebFlow". 


  • If a project or project group is deleted in WebProof and a WebFlow is waiting for the status of some of the files within it to change, WebFlow will detect that the deletion has taken place and remove the files from the flow, moving them into an error folder. Note also that if custom views are added or deleted from a project, while WebFlow is waiting for the status of files to change, in some cases WebFlow may report that the project in WebProof contains no pages whatsoever. In this case, WebFlow will move all files into the error folder. This can happen just 2 seconds after a custom view is added by an administrator. Take care when adding or deleting custom views to a project that is controlled by WebFlow.
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